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Corruption is a problem that humankind has faced in every society throughout history and throughout the world.


It is a problem that has penetrated to every corner of our society.  As a result, it will not be easy to eradicate corruption without cooperative efforts from across civil society.  Governmental efforts alone are not enough to curb corruption.

 Since fighting corruption needs the partnership and networking of Thai people from across Thai society, the establishment of Transparency Thailand was therefore timely, as it served to bring together like minded people to work for greater transparency in across Thailand.

 The organization was initiated in 2000 by former Prime Minister Anand Panyarachun and other renowned persons from different sectors of Thai society.



Transparency Thailand wishes to promote transparency and accountability in Thai society.  It seeks to achieve its goals through constructive engagement and partnerships with the media, the National Counter Corruption Agency and other government institutions as well as private sector organizations.



 The main strategy of Transparency Thailand is to create public awareness, participation and involvement in striving against corruption and for transparency and accountability in all activities.  In particular, the aim of Transparency Thailand is to create public awareness of corruption and its results and create public support for action against corruption in all its forms in Thailand.


Combating corruption sustainably is only possible with the involvement of all stakeholders, which includes the state, civil society and the private sector.



 1.  To promote public awareness of the need for transparency by highlighting the negative impacts of corruption on Thai society.

 2. To research and conduct studies that will lead to the accumulation of knowledge for greater transparency.

 3. To cooperate and network among local as well as international organizations in order to promote transparency and anti-corruption activities.

 4. To promote ethical conduct for Thai society and to heighten awareness of the issue of conflict of interest in Thai society.

 5. To encourage transparency among people and organizations to make transparency a way of life.   

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