Thailand: Transparency Thailand goes on air every Saturday, just tune in to FM 99.5


It’s a campaign like no other. Guys here say it the way they see it. If you want to hear it all, then you got to tune in to FM 99.5. Every week, Dr. Kanokkan Anukansai hosts anti-corruption radio program discussing a range of corruption issues in Thailand. The program also explores principles and best practices in good governance from around the world. On 19th of September 19, 2015, the program focused on defining the word corruption.  Young people around Thailand got an opportunity to discuss questions such as:  How Thai youth define the term "corruption". How do they feel about corruption? Why some youth seem not to care about corruption? How to conquer and confront those challenges?  It’s about mindfulness over matter. It’s blue and white, colors that stand for a free and fair society, free from corruption.  

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