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It’s about mindfulness over matter. It’s blue and white, colors that stand for a society, free from corruption.  Every week, Dr. Kanokkan Anukansai hosts anti-corruption radio program discussing a range of corruption issues in Thailand. The program also explores principles and best practices in good governance from around the world. On the 3rd of October, 2015, the program focused on exploring corruption and anti-corruption vocabularies. Vocabularies are not just words, but instruments of sense making. They reflect the sense we make of life every time we hear and use these words, for instance consciousness. It is the heart of moral awareness, the exact level of our senses that triggers the moral judgments we make.  In light of this, participants from around Thailand explored the consequences of the Volkswagenscandal for instance:


Germany: Government is demanding more transparency into the issues surrounding the scam. It’s assessing the possibility of a criminal act in the story.


New Zealand: Consumers are demanding among other things car replacement from local dealers, saying that they bought expensive cars based on deception conveyed by the company about gas emission regulating software.


France &Italy: Inquiries have been launched to investigate the problem.


US: Scrutiny has extended to other manufacturers such as BMW, General Motors, Mercedes Benz and Land Rover.



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